Exploring Greenville South Carolina Colleges: A Comprehensive Guide

Greenville, South Carolina is home to some of the best colleges and universities in the state. With a diverse range of academic programs, excellent facilities, and a welcoming community, it’s no wonder why so many students choose to pursue higher education in this vibrant city.

Exploring Greenville South Carolina Colleges: A Comprehensive Guide

In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at some of the colleges and universities in Greenville, South Carolina. From their academic offerings to student life and campus facilities, we will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your higher education options.

Furman University

Furman University is a private liberal arts college located in Greenville, South Carolina. It has consistently ranked as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country by U.S. News & World Report. The university offers undergraduate degrees in over 60 fields of study including business administration, computer science, education, engineering, health sciences, humanities, social sciences, and more.

The university is known for its comprehensive undergraduate research program which involves students conducting research alongside faculty members across various disciplines. Furman also boasts a robust athletics program with 20 varsity sports teams representing NCAA Division I.

Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University is a private Christian university located in Greenville. The school prides itself on its strong Christian values which are infused into the curriculum across all majors. The university offers bachelor’s degrees in over 100 areas of study such as accounting, criminal justice, journalism and mass communication (broadcast journalism), music education among others.

Bob Jones University provides a unique approach to higher education by integrating biblical principles into its courses that lead to critical thinking and ethical lifestyles for graduates who can engage with affordability throughout their career path journey.

Greenville Technical College

Greenville Technical College (GTC) is a public two-year college that offers associate degrees and certificates for technical fields including business technologies, engineering, health sciences, public service, and more. The college is committed to providing affordable and accessible education to the local community. It provides training opportunities for students who want to get a certification or associates degree in a wide range of fields.

GTC has an excellent transfer agreement with many four-year universities across the state such as Clemson University, University of South Carolina, Lander University among others which allows students to move up towards obtaining a bachelor’s degree after finishing their associate degree at GTC.

University of South Carolina Upstate

Located in Spartanburg, just north of Greenville city limits, the University of South Carolina Upstate (USC Upstate) is part of the larger University of South Carolina system. USC Upstate offers over 40 undergraduate programs including nursing, social work, psychology, criminal justice among others. The university also offers graduate degrees in business administration (MBA), education (MEd), nursing (MS), and more.

In addition to its academic offerings, USC Upstate has become known for its NCAA Division I athletic teams including men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and tennis teams that consistently rank highly among Division I programs.

North Greenville University

North Greenville University is a private Christian university located in Tigerville near Greenville. It offers undergraduate degrees in over 50 majors including arts & science programs like biology and chemistry as well as professional studies such as accounting or management information systems. In addition to its academic offerings, North Greenville also has various athletics teams ranging from soccer to golf.

The school prides itself on its close-knit community that encourages personal growth through leadership development opportunities with community outreach events alongside student-led organizations like student government associations or fellowship groups focused on ministry outside campus boundaries.


Greenville South Carolina colleges offer students unique higher education experiences that cater to all kinds of interests and career paths, from liberal arts colleges or technical schools that focus on certifications related professionals seeking furthered-based career opportunities like nursing, teaching or engineering. In addition, Christian universities offer students an opportunity to locate Christ’s teachings with general education classes integrated into the curriculum.

It’s important to research each institution carefully to decide which college aligns with your academic and personal goals. We hope that this guide provides you with the information you need to make a confident decision about your higher education future in Greenville, South Carolina.


What are some of the top colleges in Greenville, South Carolina?

Some of the top colleges in Greenville, South Carolina include Bob Jones University, Furman University, and Greenville Technical College.

What degree programs are available at these colleges?

Degree programs vary by college but include business, nursing, education, engineering, music, and more.

What sets Greenville Technical College apart from other institutions in the area?

Greenville Technical College offers affordable tuition rates and flexible scheduling options for working adults. They also have a strong focus on career development and training.

Is it easy to transfer credits between colleges in the Greenville area?

It can be easy to transfer credits between colleges in the Greenville area as many schools have articulation agreements that simplify the process. However, it’s always best to check with each institution individually before making any assumptions.

How competitive is admissions for these colleges?

Admissions competitiveness varies by institution and program. For example, Furman University is highly selective while Greenville Technical College has an open admissions policy.

Can you enroll in online courses at these institutions?

Yes, many of these institutions offer online courses and/or fully online degree programs for those who need more flexibility with their schedules or cannot attend on-campus classes.

Is there a strong Greek life presence at any of these institutions?

While some institutions may have Greek organizations present, it is not a significant or widespread presence across all colleges in the Greenville area.

How important is location when choosing a college in this region?

Location can be important when choosing a college as it affects factors like commute time, access to public transportation, off-campus housing availability/costs etc., but ultimately should not be the sole factor considered when making a decision.

What kind of support services are available for students at these institutions?

Support services vary by institution but can include academic advising, career counseling, tutoring, mental health resources, disability services, and more.

Are there any unique opportunities or programs offered at these colleges?

Yes, each institution offers unique opportunities and programs such as service-learning projects, undergraduate research programs, study abroad opportunities, and more. It’s best to research each institution individually to find out what sets them apart.

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