Is a Grand Canyon University Degree Worthless?

The value of a college degree is a topic that has been discussed at length in recent years. The cost of higher education has skyrocketed, and many people are questioning whether the investment is worth it. One institution that has come under scrutiny in this regard is Grand Canyon University.

Is a Grand Canyon University Degree Worthless?

In this article, we will examine the question of whether a Grand Canyon University degree is worthless. We will analyze the institution’s accreditation, graduation rates, job placement data, and reputation to provide a comprehensive answer.


The first factor to consider when evaluating the worth of a college degree is accreditation. Accreditation ensures that an institution meets certain standards for academic quality and rigor. It also ensures that employers recognize the value of degrees from accredited institutions.

Grand Canyon University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which is one of six regional accrediting bodies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. This means that the university meets rigorous academic standards and provides students with a high-quality education.

Graduation Rates

Another important factor to consider when evaluating the worth of a college degree is graduation rates. A high graduation rate indicates that students are able to complete their programs successfully and obtain their degrees.

According to College Navigator, the graduation rate for first-time, full-time students at Grand Canyon University is 41%. This figure may seem low compared to some other institutions, but it is important to note that Grand Canyon University serves a large population of non-traditional students who may be working or raising families while pursuing their degrees. The university also offers many online programs that cater to these types of students.

Job Placement Data

Perhaps the most significant factor in determining whether a college degree is worthwhile is job placement data. Graduates want to know that they will be able to find good jobs after completing their degrees.

Grand Canyon University publishes job placement data on its website, which shows that 91% of graduates are employed within one year of graduation. This figure is impressive and indicates that graduates from Grand Canyon University are successful in finding employment.


Finally, we must consider the reputation of Grand Canyon University when evaluating the worth of a degree from this institution. A good reputation can open doors for graduates and enhance their job prospects.

Grand Canyon University has been recognized by several publications for its academic excellence, including U.S. News & World Report, which ranked it #293 among national universities. The university has also received praise for its online programs, which have been named among the best in the country by many sources.


In conclusion, we can say with confidence that a degree from Grand Canyon University is not worthless. The institution is accredited by a reputable accrediting body, has a decent graduation rate given its non-traditional student population, boasts high job placement rates, and has a solid reputation within academia.

Of course, no college or university can guarantee success after graduation. Ultimately, the value of a degree depends on many factors beyond the institution itself, such as the individual’s skills and experience. However, based on our analysis of available data and information about Grand Canyon University, we believe that a degree from this institution holds value in today’s job market.


Is a Grand Canyon University degree worthless?

Absolutely not! Grand Canyon University is a regionally accredited institution that employs experienced professors, operates top-notch programs, and offers various extracurricular opportunities. So, a Grand Canyon University degree is valuable and recognized in the professional world.

What are some of the notable programs offered by Grand Canyon University?

The university has several famous undergraduate and graduate programs, such as business administration, nursing, criminal justice, psychology, etc. Additionally, they offer online doctoral degrees in education, behavioral health, business administration, and more.

How much does it cost to study at Grand Canyon University?

Well, the tuition fees vary depending on the type of program selected – on-campus or online – as well as other factors like financial aid or scholarships. However, on average, an undergraduate student pays around $16k per year while a graduate student spends between $8k-$10k per year.

Does Grand Canyon University have any accreditation?

Yes! The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) grants regional accreditation to Grand Canyon University. Moreover, several professional organizations accredit their programs/colleges like the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), etc.

Can I get a job with a degree from Grand Canyon University?

Definitely! Companies primarily consider your skill set and knowledge before hiring you. A degree from an accredited university such as GCU only increases your chances of getting hired because it shows that you have received quality education relevant to your field of work. However, it’s not just about the degree; getting hands-on experience through internships or extracurricular activities will also make you stand out from other applicants.

Are there any student support services available at GCU?

Absolutely! Grand Canyon University has a team of experienced faculty and staff that can assist students with several academic, financial, or personal issues. They offer tutoring services, counseling, career services, disability support, and many other resources to help students achieve their academic goals.

How long does it take to complete a degree from Grand Canyon University?

The time it takes to complete a degree program depends on the level of study and the type of program you have selected. For instance, an undergraduate degree typically takes four years to complete while a graduate program might take two years or more. However, online programs are usually self-paced so that you can set your timeline as you see fit.

What is the retention rate at Grand Canyon University?

According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), GCU’s retention rate is about 56% for full-time students and 43% for part-time students. This rate is relatively average or above average compared to other universities in the USA.

Does Grand Canyon University offer any scholarships or financial aid?

Yes! The university offers several types of need-based and merit-based scholarships/financial aid options to help students afford their education costs. These include the Presidential Scholar Award, Christian Leader Award, Military Tuition Discount, grants and loans available through FAFSA, and many more.

Can I transfer credits earned at another institution to Grand Canyon University?

Yes! Like most universities in the USA, Grand Canyon University allows transfer credits earned from other regionally accredited institutions if they meet certain criteria such as grade requirements or course relevancy. However, GPA should be at least 2.0 out of 4.0 in the previous institution.

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