Discovering the Beauty of Garland Golf Course

Are you a golf enthusiast who is always on the lookout for new and stunning courses to explore? Look no further than Garland Golf Course! This beautiful course, located in Garland Texas, is perfect for both seasoned golfers and beginners alike. With its lush greens, scenic views, and challenging holes, it’s no wonder that Garland Golf Course is a favorite destination among many players.

Discovering the Beauty of Garland Golf Course

Location and Accessibility

Garland Golf Course is conveniently located just minutes from downtown Dallas. It can be easily accessed by car or public transportation, which makes it an ideal location for anyone looking to enjoy a game of golf. The course has ample parking facilities as well, so you won’t have to stress about finding a spot!

Course Design and Layout

Garland Golf Course features 18 holes spread out over 6,246 yards of rolling terrain. The course was designed by Dick Phelps in 1979 and has undergone several renovations since. Today it boasts exceptional fairways and greens that are expertly maintained year-round.

The course design follows classic American-style traditionalism with long par fives and short par threes. The layout caters to all skill levels with various tee-box locations providing different perspectives on each hole.


Garland Golf Course offers excellent facilities that will make your experience even more enjoyable. The Pro Shop at the clubhouse features an extensive range of merchandise including clothing, equipment, balls, gloves, hats and other accessories that any golfer may need.

The clubhouse also features a bar that serves refreshing drinks along with appetizers that can be enjoyed before or after your round of golf.

Challenges on the Course

The well-designed layout at Garland Golf Course gives players a good balance between challenging shots interspersed with some easier holes here and there which allow you to relax while giving you time to strategize your next shot.

Water comes into play on four holes making this course a bit challenging for beginners. However, the pros will no doubt relish the opportunity that this aspect of the course provides.

Scenic Views

Garland Golf Course is set against a scenic backdrop with natural beauty surrounding its fairways and greens. The course’s lush landscaping includes hundreds of trees, ponds, and lakes which offer breathtaking views and opportunities to spot local wildlife like ducks, water snakes, and turtles.

During the fall season, players can enjoy the beautiful foliage as the autumn leaves change color making for a truly picturesque setting.

Weather Conditions

Garland Golf Course is located in Texas which means that during summers it can get rather hot. However, there are plenty of shaded areas across the course to shield players from intense sun rays.

The ideal time to play around here is during spring and fall. Players can enjoy pleasant temperatures with light winds that compliment the playing conditions on this stunning golf course.


Garland Golf Course embodies everything that’s great about golfing: challenging holes, impeccable facilities, scenic views all while surrounded by nature beauty. With so many activities available on-site such as playing 18 holes or just enjoying drinks at clubhouse bar after your round we highly recommend dedicating some quality time exploring this gem of a golf course!


What makes Garland Golf Course unique?

Garland Golf Course is nestled in the beautiful forests of Northern Michigan, offering golfers breathtaking views of nature and an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

What are some notable features of Garland Golf Course?

The course has four championship layouts that appeal to golfers of all skill levels. Additionally, it boasts a state-of-the-art practice facility, on-site lodging accommodations, and a renowned restaurant serving delicious cuisine.

How does Garland Golf Course cater to beginners?

The course has a variety of tee boxes to choose from, allowing beginners to play at their own pace and level of comfort. Additionally, there are golf instructors available for lessons and skill-building.

Why is Garland Golf Course a favorite among experienced players?

With its challenging greens, undulating fairways, and stunning scenery, Garland Golf Course presents experienced players with an exciting opportunity to test their skills and enjoy their love for the game.

Are there any special events held at Garland Golf Course throughout the year?

Yes! In addition to regular play options, the course also hosts various tournaments and outings for individuals or groups wanting to compete while enjoying fine dining and luxury accommodations.

Can you describe the restaurant at Garland Golf Course?

Yep! The 19th Hole Lounge is a beautifully-appointed restaurant that offers delicious American fare using fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. Their wine list is extensive and sure to please even the most discerning palates.

Does Garland Golf Course offer club rentals for travelers?

Definitely! The course has high-quality equipment available for rent so visitors can travel light without sacrificing quality during their round(s) on this stunning Northern Michigan course.

Is it possible to walk the course or is a golf cart required?

While walking the course is certainly an option, for those who prefer to ride – gas-powered carts and electric options are available.

How can one book a tee time at Garland Golf Course?

Booking is easy! Simply visit their website or call the pro shop directly to reserve your preferred tee time(s).

Does Garland Golf Course offer stay-and-play packages for visitors from out of town?

Absolutely! The course offers various packages that include accommodations and rounds of golf so travelers can experience all the beauty and excitement of Northern Michigan in one carefree trip.

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