The Best Cosmetology Schools in Nashville: Your Complete Guide

When it comes to pursuing a career in cosmetology, choosing the right school is essential. Not all cosmetology schools are created equal. Nashville, Tennessee is home to some of the best cosmetology schools in the country. In this guide, we will explore the best cosmetology schools in Nashville so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

The Best Cosmetology Schools in Nashville: Your Complete Guide

Why Choose Nashville for Cosmetology School?

Nashville has been named as one of the top 10 places for millennials to move because of its growing job market and low cost of living. This makes it an ideal city to attend cosmetology school. Cosmetologists are in high demand, with a projected growth rate of 8% from 2018-2028 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, there is a variety of beauty-related businesses in Nashville, from salons and spas to film and television productions.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Cosmetology School

Before exploring the best schools in Nashville, let us look at factors you should consider when choosing a cosmetology school:


Choose a school that is accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S Department of Education.


Ensure that their curriculum includes courses on hair cutting, coloring techniques, skin care techniques, makeup application etc.


The quality of equipment and resources available are important considerations when choosing a cosmetology school.


Consider researching faculty experience and credentials before selecting your preferred institution.

Now let us explore some of the top-rated cosmetology schools located in Nashville:

1. Paul Mitchell The School – Nashville

Founded by Paul Mitchell himself who many regard as a legend within industry circles due to his cutting-edge techniques for hairstyling and color formulation. Paul Mitchell The School – Nashville is acclaimed for its high-quality education programs. The school offers courses in hairstyling, coloring and cutting techniques, skin care, and makeup application. Graduates of this institution can join the Paul Mitchell alumni network with access to job placement assistance.

2. The Salon Professional Academy Nashville

Located within an upscale shopping center, TSPA offers a contemporary learning environment. A unique aspect of the student experience at this institution is that they combine theoretical studies with hands-on training in their on-campus salon. Students are exposed to real-world scenarios when practicing their craft resulting in well-rounded graduates ready for employment.

3. Empire Beauty School – Nashville

Empire Beauty School has been around since 1934 and has consistently delivered high-quality education to its students. The curriculum includes courses in hair styling, coloring techniques, skincare techniques, nail artistry and more. Empire’s Nashville location is modernized with state-of-the-art equipment such as hydraulic chairs and LED lighting.

4. Gould’s Academy

Gould’s Academy may not be as well-known compared to some of those already mentioned but it’s still a excellent choice for prospective students seeking cosmetology education in Nashville. This school has been ranked among the top 10 beauty schools by Modern Salon Magazine for years running as a testament to their commitment to excellence.


Choosing the right cosmetology school sets you up for success both personally and professionally as you embark on your career journey which is why it’s vital that you properly research and consider schools before selecting one that fits your objectives best. By taking into account these factors like accreditation, facilities available curriculum offerings amongst others our guide will help set you on the path towards finding the perfect match of cosmetology school in Nashville based on what matters most to you!


What makes Nashville such a great place to attend cosmetology school?

The city of Nashville is known for its vibrant music scene, trendy fashion industry, and its diverse population. These factors create the perfect environment for aspiring cosmetologists who want to learn from experienced professionals and gain exposure to different beauty styles.

How do I choose the right cosmetology school in Nashville?

Start by researching schools in the area that offer accredited programs in cosmetology. Look into the curriculum, class sizes, instructors’ qualifications, and post-graduation job placement rates. You may also want to visit several schools and ask about their facilities, opportunities for hands-on experience, and overall atmosphere.

Can I get financial aid to attend cosmetology school in Nashville?

Yes! Many cosmetology schools in Nashville offer financial aid options such as grants or loans for qualifying students. You can also apply for federal student aid by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

What are some of the top cosmetology schools in Nashville?

Some of the best cosmetology schools in Nashville include Paul Mitchell The School – Nashville, Empire Beauty School – Brentwood/Nashville, Aveda Institute – Nashville, Gould’s Academy – Lebanon-Nashville Campus, and The Salon Professional Academy – NASV. These schools offer comprehensive training from professional instructors and excellent job placement assistance.

Do I need a license to practice as a cosmetologist in Tennessee after attending school?

Yes! After completing your education at a licensed Tennessee beauty school, you must apply for a state-issued license through the Tennessee Board of Cosmetology & Barber Examiners. This license is required to legally practice as a cosmetologist in this state.

What topics are covered in a cosmetology program?

A comprehensive cosmetology program will cover topics such as hair styling, coloring, cutting and texturing; skincare treatments and facials; makeup application; nail care; and business management skills. Students will learn both theory and hands-on techniques to prepare them for the industry.

How long does it take to complete a cosmetology program?

Cosmetology programs typically last between 9 months to 2 years, depending on the school’s specific curriculum and the student’s chosen schedule. Some schools may offer accelerated programs that allow students to complete their training in less time.

What can I do with a cosmetology degree besides working at a salon?

A cosmetology degree opens up many opportunities beyond just working at a salon. You can pursue careers in film or television production, photo shoots, runway shows, freelance work, education or even starting your own business! There are endless job opportunities for those with cosmetology expertise.

How much can I expect to make as a licensed cosmetologist in Nashville?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a licensed cosmetologist in Nashville is around $30k-$40k per year. However, salaries can vary based on factors such as experience level, type of employer (salon or spa), location within Nashville, and range of services provided before tips.

Is it possible to attend cosmetology school part-time while holding down another job?

Many beauty schools offer flexible scheduling options such as evening or weekend classes that allow students to work part-time jobs while pursuing their degree. It’s important to research each school’s scheduling options ahead of time so you can balance your other commitments while still achieving your educational goals.

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