Converting Enclosed Porch to Open Porch: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you considering converting your enclosed porch to an open porch? This is a great way to increase living space, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, and enjoy outdoor living while still being sheltered from the elements. If you’re uncertain about the process of conversion or don’t know where to start, this guide is for you. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about converting an enclosed porch to an open porch.

Converting Enclosed Porch to Open Porch: A Comprehensive Guide

What Is An Enclosed Porch?

An enclosed porch is a space that has been turned into a room by adding walls, windows, screens or doors. It’s typically attached to the main residence and can be used as a sunroom, game room, home office, or additional living space. Enclosed porches provide homeowners with extra square footage and are perfect for entertaining guests.

Why Convert An Enclosed Porch To An Open Porch?

If you’re thinking about converting your enclosed porch into an open one there are many benefits in doing so:

  1. Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal: Converting your enclosed porch to an open one gives your home a more inviting appearance and creates an outdoor living space.

  2. Enjoy Fresh Air: You may find that when it’s nice out- you’d rather be sitting outdoors than feeling closed off in your indoor space. An open porch allows you to experience the fresh air and pleasant weather anytime you want!

  3. Utilize Outdoor Space: The added benefit of an open porch is that it allows enough outdoor area for activities like barbeques or family gatherings which would have been impossible had it remained an enclosed area.

  4. Adding Market Value To Your Home: As per reports by Zillow reselling value of homes with front/ back porches sell for 5-7% higher on average than homes without them.

  5. Cost Savings: When compared to building a new porch from scratch, converting an existing one is much cheaper since you don’t have to pay for walls or a roof.

Steps To Convert Enclosed Porch To Open Porch

Converting an enclosed porch to an open porch involves several steps which include:

Step 1: Evaluate the Existing Structure

Before doing anything else, it’s important to evaluate the current structure of your enclosed porch. Check if there are any damages that need repairing and make sure the foundation is strong enough to support the weight of people and furniture while still being exposed to the weather elements. It’s also a good idea to check local codes and regulations for building outdoor spaces.

Step 2: Remove Walls and Windows

Next, remove any walls or windows that enclose your existing porch. This may be as simple as taking out screens & doors or you may need a professional demolition company for help. You might want assistance from professionals when dealing with electrical wires or plumbing pipes behind walls, also certain types of walls might require permits for removal as per building codes.

Step 3: Add Flooring

Once you’ve removed all obstructions from your old enclosed porch, it’s time to consider adding flooring. As far as open porches go- most people opt for materials like concrete, tiles, natural stone or wood decking boards, with emphasis on slip-resistant options especially in wet areas or if elderly people will be walking around them often.

Step 4: Consider Weather Protection Elements

One thing you should keep in mind while converting an enclosed porch into an open one is that it will be exposed to weather elements so installing weather protection elements can make sense depending upon situation. This includes awnings, shades or covering structures like pergolas or gazebos which provide some shade when needed on sunny days while still allowing plenty of light and fresh air through.

Step 5: Install Outdoor Furniture and Fixtures

Once you’ve converted your enclosed porch into an open one, it’s time to consider the furniture and fixtures that will be placed in the space. You can install ceiling fans for ventilation, light fixtures or LED lights which provide illumination at night, seating arrangements as per your need – little accessories like throw pillows, outdoor rugs and weather-resistant plants can add a whole new charm to your space.

Choose An Experienced Contractor For Your Porch Conversion Project!

Converting an enclosed porch into an open one requires a significant amount of work and therefore is best left to experts. Whether it’s design planning or installation process- professional contractors are well versed with building codes/regulations involved as well as ensuring safe & high-quality outcomes throughout the project.

It’s always better to do your research and compare different service providers based on their expertise, experience, availability and customer feedback before choosing the right one for you.


Converting an enclosed porch to an open porch is a great way of adding more functional space with added aesthetic appeal while still enjoying being outdoors sheltered from elements. From assessing existing structures/obstructions to considering floor materials and weather protection elements- converting porches does require some careful planning but smooth execution makes this process worth all efforts involved. And once done correctly adds value not just in terms of resale value but also gives you years of memorable outdoor experiences!


Why should I convert my enclosed porch to an open porch?

Converting an enclosed porch to an open porch can provide a better flow of fresh air and natural light, making it feel more spacious and inviting.

What are the steps involved in converting an enclosed porch to an open porch?

The first step is to remove any windows or walls that enclose the space. Next, you may need to upgrade or replace your flooring if necessary. Finally, install a railing or balustrade around the perimeter of the space for safety purposes.

How much will it cost me to convert my enclosed porch?

The cost of converting an enclosed porch to an open porch varies depending on factors such as materials chosen and labor costs. It’s best to consult with a contractor for a quote based on your specific needs.

Can I DIY the conversion of my enclosed porch?

While it’s possible to DIY this project, it requires specialized skills and knowledge that most homeowners do not possess. It’s recommended to hire a professional contractor for this type of renovation.

Will converting my enclosed porch affect the resale value of my home?

Generally, increasing usable living space by converting an enclosed porch into an open one can increase your home’s resale value, especially if done professionally and tastefully.

What are some design ideas for my newly converted open porch?

You could add comfortable outdoor seating and dining furniture, hang outdoor curtains or planters for added privacy, install outdoor lighting fixtures, or even incorporate a fireplace or fire pit for added warmth and ambiance during cooler months.

How can I maintain my new open porch?

Regular maintenance includes sweeping debris off floors and furniture as well as cleaning any mildew found on surfaces with soap and water solutions. If using wood, you should consider treating it with protective finishes to prevent rot and damage from sun exposure.

Can I still use my open porch during colder months?

While you may not be able to use your open porch as frequently in colder months, some options for extending its use include incorporating outdoor heaters or fireplaces, installing removable curtains or screens, and providing warm blankets and cozy seating.

Are there any safety concerns with an open porch design?

Yes, without a boundary around the perimeter of the space, falling is a potential hazard. It’s important to install a sturdy railing or balustrade that meets local building codes for safety purposes.

How long will it take to convert my enclosed porch into an open one?

The time it takes to complete this renovation varies based on several factors such as size of the porch and materials chosen. Most projects can take anywhere between two to six weeks to complete.

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