The Comprehensive Guide to Colleges in San Marcos, Texas

San Marcos is a beautiful city located in the heart of Texas. It is home to Texas State University and has become a hub for higher education institutions. With its welcoming community and numerous opportunities, San Marcos has become an ideal location for students seeking quality education.

The Comprehensive Guide to Colleges in San Marcos, Texas

If you are looking for colleges in San Marcos, Texas, this guide will give you an overview of the top institutions in the area.

1. Texas State University

Texas State University is the largest university in San Marcos, with over 38,000 students enrolled across its eight colleges. Founded in 1899 as Southwest Texas State Normal School, it is now a research-intensive public institution that offers more than 200 undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The university has received numerous accolades, including recognition for its commitment to sustainability and diversity. Its campus spans over 492 acres with state-of-the-art facilities. The university also offers many extracurricular activities for students ranging from athletics to cultural events.

2. Austin Community College

Austin Community College (ACC) is a popular choice for anyone looking to start their college journey or transfer from another institution. ACC provides affordable tuition rates and accessible educational opportunities with over 100 degree and certification programs spread over multiple campuses.

The Hays Campus at Kyle serves as the central campus serving students residing between Kyle and Buda area while ACC also offers courses at nearby campuses like Round Rock Campus and Riverside Campus.

3. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers aviation-related degrees primarily focused on providing quality education that prepares individuals with the knowledge necessary to support industries like aerospace engineering, flight training programs or air traffic management.

Their San Marcos campus provides Bachelor’s degree programs such as Aviation Maintenance Science or Aviation Business Administration as well as Master’s degree programs that cater towards Aerospace Engineering or Human Factors specializations.

4. The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment is a research institute that brings together students, scholars, and scientists to elevate water education, conduct new research, and preserve natural resources.

It also offers courses such as Wetland Ecology or Aquatic Entomology which might interest individuals looking to engage with the natural world while learning more about conservation efforts.

5. Academy of Oriental Medicine

Academy of Oriental Medicine provides comprehensive postgraduate programs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture. Their curriculum is designed to empower practitioners who desire to take a holistic approach when it comes to healthcare.

Their programs include Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine that may open doors towards various career opportunities that involve both physical healing methods as well as an understanding of traditional philosophies, such as Ayurvedic medicine or meditation techniques.

6. Strayer University

Strayer University’s San Marcos campus provides high-quality education services aimed at working students who want to advance their careers through furthering their academic achievements.

Their curriculum focuses on business administration degrees specifically in Accounting or Marketing Management disciplines catered for students looking for advancement within financial sectors. With many flexible schedules available, studying at Strayer University can be convenient for busy professionals.


San Marcos has become a hub for higher education institutions over the years. The city is home to some of the top colleges in Texas providing comprehensive degree programs ranging from traditional liberal arts courses to specialized fields like aeronautics or alternative medicine studies.

Whatever field you’re interested in pursuing, San Marcos has something to offer with its range of diverse institutions. We hope this guide was able to assist you in making an informed decision regarding which college best fits your needs!


How many colleges are located in San Marcos, Texas?

Currently, there are three universities in San Marcos, Texas.

What is the largest college in San Marcos?

Texas State University is the largest college in San Marcos with over 38,000 students enrolled.

Are there any private colleges in San Marcos?

Yes, there is one private college located in San Marcos and it’s called The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.

Does San Marcos have any community colleges?

Yes, there is one community college located in San Marcos named Central Texas College.

What degree programs are offered at Texas State University?

Texas State University offers a wide range of degree programs including business, education, engineering, fine arts, health professions, liberal arts and sciences.

Is it easy to find on-campus housing near the colleges in San Marcos?

Yes, all three universities offer on-campus housing options that range from traditional residence halls to apartment-style living arrangements.

Are internships readily available for students attending college in San Marcos?

Absolutely! Many of the companies located near the universities offer internship opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in their field of study.

Do any of the colleges specialize in certain fields or areas of study?

Yes! The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences specializes in health care and rehabilitation sciences while Texas State University offers nationally recognized programs in criminal justice and music education.

How diverse are the student populations at the colleges in San Marcos?

The student populations at all three universities are extremely diverse and represent a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds.

What sets the colleges in San Marcos apart from other schools around the state or country?

The colleges in San Marcos provide students with an engaging and unique educational experience that is hard to find anywhere else. With access to historic landmarks, beautiful river parks, and a thriving downtown area, students can enjoy both a fulfilling academic and social lifestyle while attending college in San Marcos.

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