Can You Use Someone Else’s Sam’s Club Card?

Sam’s Club is a well-known membership-only retail warehouse chain operating globally. The company offers a wide range of goods and services, including groceries, electronics, furniture, and clothing at discounted prices to its members.

Can You Use Someone Else’s Sam’s Club Card?

As a Sam’s Club member, you are entitled to exclusive benefits offered by the warehouse chain. However, what if you need to shop at Sam’s Club but are not a member yourself? Can you use someone else’s Sam’s Club card to gain access to their products and services? Let’s find out.

Sam’s Club Membership Policy

Before delving into the question of whether one can use someone else’s Sam’s Club card, it is important to be familiar with the company’s membership policy. To shop at any Sam’s Club store or on their website, one must be a member or shopping with a guest pass.

To become a member of Sam’s Club, you must pay an annual fee that ranges from $45 for the basic plan up to $100 for the premium plan. Members are also required to show their membership card when shopping in-store or online.

Use Of Someone Else’s Membership Card

According to Sam’s Club official policy – no; non-members cannot use another person’s membership card. The name on the membership card must match the name on your personal identification document like drivers’ licenses. There are certain conditions under which it might be possible to use another person’s Sam’s Club card, but each situation is unique and requires some evaluation.

In certain situations like if you have been added as an authorized user on an existing membership account or purchased an add-on membership as part of your business account; then using someone else’s membership card may not violate any policies or laws.

However, in other cases where there is no prior arrangement made between parties regarding sharing of the membership cards; using someone else’s card for shopping makes you liable to face expulsion from the store or legal action.

Risks Involved

What are the risks involved in using someone else’s Sam’s Club card? If you get caught, you could potentially face charges of theft, or fraud depending on how you obtained and used the membership, which could lead to hefty fines or even jail time in some instances. Moreover, if the primary cardholder reports a stolen or lost card, any unauthorized activity on their account may be traced back to you.

Another consideration is that Sam’s Club has policies set in place for members to protect personal information like credit cards and purchases made with them. Using someone else’s membership card would violate these policies and put them at risk of identity theft.

Alternatives To Accessing Sam’s Club Products & Services

So what should one do if they need access to Sam’s club products without being a member? Luckily enough there are several options available:

1. Guest Pass

Sam’s Club allows current members to bring up to two guests per visit. This can be an excellent option for non-members who want to shop at their stores. However, guest passes are only valid for one day and not available during special events like Black Friday; also note that guests must accompany a member while shopping.

2. In-Store Pick Up

If you’d rather avoid crowds and long lines at checkout counters, consider using Sam’s Club online order services with in-store pickup options available free of charge for all customers regardless of membership status.

3. Join as a Member

Finally, your best option would be joining Sam’s Club as an official member yourself! Membership plans come with added benefits such as early access during sales events, exclusive discounts on merchandise prices from groceries to home goods, free shipping on most orders placed online via and more.


Q: Can I use my friend’s membership number on Sam’s Club website to shop online?

A: No, you cannot. Sam’s Club only allows account holders or authorized members to access the website and complete transactions.

Q: Can family members use my Sam’s Club membership card without me?

A: Yes, it is allowed. However, it’s worth noting that Sam’s Club membership plans are not transferable between individuals unless explicitly stated in the membership agreement.

Q: Can I get a refund for my Sam’s Club membership fee if I am not satisfied?

A: Yes, Sam’s Club offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If you’re not happy with your membership for any reason within one year of purchase, they will refund your annual fee.


In conclusion, using someone else’s Sam’s Club card is generally considered a violation of their policies and may result in serious legal consequences. That said, there are several other ways to enjoy the benefits of shopping at Sam’s Club without being a member. For those who shop frequently or want early access to sales events and exclusive discounts, joining as an official member could be the perfect solution to accessing great products at discounted rates!


Can I borrow my friend’s Sam’s Club card to do some shopping?

No, it is against Sam’s Club policy to share or borrow membership cards.

What happens if I try to use someone else’s Sam’s Club card?

You will be denied access to the store and may face legal consequences.

Can a family member use my Sam’s Club card without me being present?

Yes, as long as they are listed on your membership account as an authorized user.

How many people can be listed on a Sam’s Club membership account?

Up to 8 people can be listed on one membership account, including the primary member.

Can I add someone else’s name to my Sam’s Club account?

No, only individuals who live in the same household as the primary member can be added to a membership account.

Will I receive any discounts if I use someone else’s Sam’s Club card?

No, discounts and benefits are exclusive to members only.

Can non-members shop at Sam’s Club using someone else’s membership card?

No, non-members cannot shop at Sam’s Club even with a member’s card.

If I lose my Sam’s Club card, can I still use someone else’s card until mine is replaced?

No, each individual must have their own valid membership card in order to enter and shop at Sam’s club.

Can businesses share a single Sam’s club membership between employees?

Yes, businesses can purchase a business membership which allows up to 16 add-on memberships for employees. However, each employee must have their own unique card with their name on it in order to enter the store and make purchases.

Is there any way to access Sam’s Club without a membership card?

Yes, non-members can shop online at Sam’s Club website, but they will be charged an additional fee for each purchase.

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