Everything You Need to Know About Bremer Bank in St. Cloud, MN

Are you looking for a reliable bank in St. Cloud, MN? Look no further than Bremer Bank! In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into what makes Bremer Bank a great choice for your banking needs in St. Cloud.

Everything You Need to Know About Bremer Bank in St. Cloud, MN

History of Bremer Bank

Bremer Bank was founded in 1943 by Otto Bremer, a German-American banker and philanthropist. Since its inception, the bank has remained committed to delivering personalized banking services to its customers.

Today, the bank operates over 80 branches across Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. With assets totaling over $13 billion, it’s one of the largest privately held banks in the Midwest region.

Bremer Bank’s Commitment to Community

As a community bank, Bremer Bank is strongly invested in supporting local businesses and non-profit organizations in the communities it serves. The bank is particularly focused on promoting economic development, affordable housing initiatives, and education programs.

In 2019 alone, Bremer Bank donated over $5 million to various charitable causes across its service areas. Additionally, employees at the bank volunteered more than 20,000 hours of their time to support local organizations.

Banking Services Offered by Bremer Bank

Bremer Bank offers a wide range of banking products and services tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals and businesses alike. Here are some of the most popular services offered:

Personal Banking Services

  • Checking accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Money market accounts
  • CDs
  • IRAs
  • Credit cards
  • Home mortgage loans
  • Personal loans

Business Banking Services

  • Small business loans
  • Commercial real estate loans
  • Business lines of credit
  • Merchant services
  • Cash management
  • Payroll processing

Other Services

  • Online banking
  • Mobile app banking
  • Investment and wealth management
  • Insurance services
  • Trust services

Bremer Bank’s Presence in St. Cloud, MN

Bremer Bank has a strong presence in St. Cloud, MN, with two branches located in the city. The first branch is located at 4150 2nd Street South and the second branch is located at 1100 West Saint Germain Street.

Both locations are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to noon.

Customers can access a full range of banking services at these branches, including deposit accounts, loans, credit cards, and investment services.

Customer Reviews of Bremer Bank in St. Cloud

According to customer reviews on Google, Bremer Bank in St. Cloud has received an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Many customers praise the professionalism and knowledge of their bankers as well as the ease of doing business with the bank.

One particular reviewer wrote:

“Bremer Bank exceeded my expectations! They’re professional yet personable and knowledgeable about their products/services. Their online/electronic communications are top-notch too!”

Another reviewer commented:

"It’s nice to have a local bank that cares about its customers."

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a community-minded bank that offers excellent personalized service and a wide range of banking products, look no further than Bremer Bank in St. Cloud, MN! With its commitment to supporting local businesses and non-profit organizations, it’s clear that this bank truly values its place within the community it serves.


What is Bremer Bank?

Bremer Bank is a regional bank that provides financial services to individuals, businesses, and communities across Minnesota and surrounding states.

Where is Bremer Bank located in St. Cloud, MN?

There are multiple Bremer Bank locations in St. Cloud, MN, including downtown at 1100 W Saint Germain Street and on the east side at 4150 2nd Street South.

What types of accounts can I open with Bremer Bank in St. Cloud, MN?

Bremer Bank offers a variety of account options for individuals and businesses, including checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, money market accounts, and more.

Does Bremer Bank offer online banking services?

Yes! Bremer Bank offers online banking services that allow you to manage your accounts from anywhere at any time. You can access your account information, view transactions, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills online and more using their secure website or mobile app.

Can I apply for a loan through Bremer Bank in St. Cloud, MN?

Yes! In addition to deposit products such as checking and savings accounts, Bremer Bank also offers consumer loans including auto loans and mortgages as well as commercial lending options such as lines of credit or SBA loans for small businesses looking to grow or expand operations.

Is there a mobile app for Bremer Bank customers in St. Cloud MN?

Yes! They have developed an app which allows breakeven customers to manage their finances from their smartphone or tablet device; check account balances on-the-go ,view transaction history,digital checkout via mobile wallet and transfer funds between internal /external bank account. It also includes features like biometric authentication with Touch ID or Face ID which makes it easy for you to securely manage your finances on the go.

What are the fees associated with Bremer Bank accounts in St. Cloud, MN?

The fees for Bremer Bank accounts vary depending on the type of account you have and your usage of it. Generally, monthly maintenance fees may apply to some checking and savings accounts but can be waived if certain requirements are met such as direct deposit or maintaining a minimum balance. Make sure to review account disclosures and online terms & conditions prior to opening an account.

Is there a limit for ATM withdrawals at Bremer Bank?

Yes, there is typically a daily limit for ATM withdrawals set by Bremer Bank which may vary based on the type of account you hold with them. It’s recommended that you reach out to their customer service team via phone or visit nearest branch for more detailed information about withdrawal limits.

How can I reach customer service at Bremer Bank if I have questions or concerns?

You can easily get in touch with the helpful professionals at Bremer Bank by calling their customer service line available during regular business hours, visiting your nearest bremer bank location or sending secure email messaging through their website using an active online banking login ID credentials. By doing so, you’ll receive prompt assistance from knowledgeable individuals who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your accounts, services, transactions and other banking-related topics.

Does Bremer Bank offer any special promotions or discounts for new customers in St. Cloud MN?

Promotions and specials offered by Bremer bank may vary depending on time of year ,banking needs,customer eligibility & creditworthiness .With that being said they often have a “new account bonus” where one might be eligible to earn cash back when they open specified eligible accounts under certain conditions such as meeting required transaction action thresholds within specific timeframe after account opening.Ensure to check their website or contact customer service for more information regarding this topic .

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