Breaking Contracts with LA Fitness about Personal Trainers

LA Fitness is an American gym chain that offers a variety of workout equipment, fitness classes, and personal training services. Personal training services provided by LA Fitness are intended to help clients achieve their fitness goals through one-on-one instruction by a certified personal trainer.

Breaking Contracts with LA Fitness about Personal Trainers

While signing up for personal training sessions with LA Fitness may seem like a good idea at the time, sometimes circumstances arise that make it necessary or desirable to break the contract with LA Fitness about personal trainers.

In this article, we will explore different scenarios in which you might need to break contracts with LA Fitness about personal trainers. We will also discuss the steps involved in breaking the contract, including cancelation fees and legal concerns.

Reasons for Breaking Contracts with LA Fitness about Personal Trainers

There are several reasons why someone may want to break their contract with LA Fitness about personal trainers. Here are some common scenarios:

Dissatisfaction with Trainer Performance

If you have signed up for personal training sessions but find that your trainer is not meeting your needs or providing quality instruction, you may want to consider breaking the contract. You may even be able to transfer to a new trainer within LA Fitness without any additional charges if you explain your concerns.

Financial Constraints

Perhaps due to a change in employment status or unexpected financial expenses, you may no longer be able to afford continued payments for your personal training sessions. In such scenarios, breaking the contract may be necessary.

Health Issues

If you experience health issues that lead to a change in your physical ability or require specialized attention from medical professionals, continuing going through your planned training program can become difficult. This can lead to dropping out of sessions and still having to pay fees as per your agreement. In such cases breaking agreements becomes necessary.

Moving Away

Sometimes life circumstances require relocation which can make it impossible for individuals or families who’ve signed contracts on these services available only at limited LA Fitness locations to continue with the sessions. In such cases, breaking contracts is necessary.

The Steps Involved in Breaking Contracts with LA Fitness about Personal Trainers

If you decide to break your contract with LA Fitness about personal trainers, you should know that there may be consequences or fees and legal implications involved.

Fees involved in Breaking Contracts

When terminating a contract for Personal Training services at LA Fitness, a member will have to pay an early termination fee of $150 if they cancel their membership within six months of signing up for the service. If the member cancels after six months or beyond the set period, no cancellation fees are charged. However, you won’t get refunded any money paid upfront on training sessions not yet taken when cancelled even without charges.

Legal Implications of Breaking Contracts

When considering breaking contracts with LA fitness about personal trainers, it’s essential to read through documents and agreements signed at the beginning. It’s important to understand whether there were any agreements made that could lead to legal issues if broken and what legal actions might be taken by either party as provided by these agreements.

Here are some steps involved in breaking contracts with LA Fitness about personal trainers:

  1. Review Your Contract

The first step is always to review your contract carefully to understand what obligations and terms you agreed upon when signing up for personal training programs at LA Fitness. Take notice of any possible charges associated with canceling or breaking the agreement.

  1. Inform Your Trainer/Manager

After studying your agreement towards the Personal Training contract at LA Fitness thoroughly, inform your trainer or manager that you want to terminate your sessions and break the contract. For this process, it’s important to provide accurate reasons why you wish to terminate your program.

  1. Fill Out Necessary Forms

LA Fitness requires individuals who wish to terminate their contracts on any services provided by them fill out necessary forms for processes such as cancellations enabling gym memberships on their website or any location near you to complete the cancellation process."

  1. Pay Fees if Applicable

If you’re breaking your contract under six months into the agreement, you may have to pay an early termination fee of $150. After six months, no fees are attached.

  1. Follow Up

Ensure that the process was successful by following up on any reports from LA Fitness management, tracking refunds where applicable and making sure all necessary payments have been made.


Breaking contracts with LA Fitness about personal trainers can be a daunting task that requires careful consideration and understanding of agreements signed at the beginning. The reasons for breaking contracts could include dissatisfaction with trainer performance, health problems, relocation or financial constraints.

When going through with the termination of Personal Training services provided by LA Fitness, follow necessary steps such as reviewing your contract, informing your trainer/manager, filling out documentation such as cancellations forms provided on their website or any physical location nearest to you. Finally, pay early termination fees if applicable and ensure follow-up reports for refunds and payments made in full.


Why are people breaking contracts with LA Fitness about personal trainers?

Many people are unhappy with the level of service and support they receive from their personal trainers at LA Fitness. They feel that the trainers are overworked, underpaid, and simply not skilled enough to provide effective guidance

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