Branch Insurance Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for a new insurance policy, it’s essential to read reviews from previous and current customers. One insurer that has grabbed attention is Branch Insurance; the company provides coverage options that ensure maximum protection. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about the Branch Insurance reviews, what people say about their policies, and why they stand out.

Branch Insurance Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

What is Branch Insurance?

Branch Insurance is a modernized insurance provider that offers home and auto policies. The organization has revolutionized the traditional model for selling insurance with an emphasis on providing affordable protection for modern-day consumers. The coverage process by Branch is efficient; with online quotes being generated within 30 seconds. The team comprises experienced professionals who understand that every client has different needs and offer personalized policies to cater to those preferences.

What Does Branch Insurance Cover?

Branch insurance offers two main coverage policies: home and auto policies.

Home Policies

Branch covers your house, apartment, or condo against various threats such as theft, fire or natural calamities like storms, floods, hurricanes, hailstorms among others. Homeowners’ policies extend beyond protecting the property itself but also cover personal items found in it such as furniture and appliances.

Auto Policies

Branch auto policies cover drivers against collisions, damage done during natural calamities, theft among other risks encountered while driving on public roads.

Reviews of Branch Insurance Policies

Customers have praised branch insurance for many reasons including:

Affordable Rates

Many reviewers appreciate that branch insurance offers affordable rates without compromising on quality coverage. This makes the insurer ideal for individuals who require full protection but cannot afford high premiums charged by other insurers.

Quick Claims Processing

Reviews reveal that claim processing time by branch agents is relatively fast compared to other insurers; this ensures clients get back on their feet quickly after damages or injuries caused by unfortunate events.

Friendly Customer Service Representatives

Numerous reviewers attest that Branch agents are always ready to assist customers wherever possible. The customer service representatives are friendly, knowledgeable and empathetic towards clients who require assistance in navigating their policies.

Personalized Insurance Policies

Customers appreciate the customized approach Branch takes with its clients. The policies are tailored to suit every individual’s needs, ensuring maximum protection while keeping premiums affordable.

Ease of Access

Branch insurance’s online platform allows customers to access their accounts remotely from any device or location, providing convenience unmatched by other insurers.

How Does Branch Compare to Other Insurance Providers?

In comparing branch insurance with other insurers such as Allstate, State Farm, and Geico, several factors come into play:


As previously mentioned, Branch offers very competitive rates compared to these competitors; this has been noted in many reviews. However, individual rates may vary depending on various factors such as where you live and your driving record among others.

Claims Processing

Many reviewers note that claim processing time is significantly faster when dealing with branch insurance compared to most competitors who may take longer than 30 days to process claims.

Customer Service Representatives

Branch is known for excellent customer service delivery; many reviewers note that the insurer has set a high standard for personalized experiences by engaging clients via social media platforms or email. On the flip side, some insurers may fall short in this area as they outsource their customer service operations.


Choosing an insurer can be an overwhelming task considering the large number of options available today; however, by examining reviews and ratings of different companies like Branch Insurance could help make an informed decision. When looking for comprehensive coverage with competitive rates and excellent customer service delivery, branch insurance should definitely be under consideration. It is important to have peace of mind knowing you have a trustworthy insurer at your back for all unforeseen events life throws at you.


What is Branch Insurance?

Branch Insurance is a modern insurance company that aims to simplify the insurance process. The company was founded in 2017 by Steve Lekas and Joe Emison, and it aims to offer affordable, personalized coverage for consumers who want a hassle-free experience.

How do I get insurance coverage from Branch Insurance?

You can get insurance coverage from Branch Insurance by visiting their website and entering your basic information. From there, you’ll be presented with several quotes from which you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Once you’ve selected a plan, you can purchase your policy online and start enjoying coverage immediately.

Is Branch Insurance legitimate?

Yes, Branch Insurance is a legitimate insurance company that is fully licensed to operate in all states in the US. The company has an A- rating from AM Best, which means they are considered financially stable and trustworthy by industry experts.

What types of insurance does Branch Insurance offer?

Branch Insurance offers several types of insurance policies including auto, home, and renters’ insurance. They also have a unique product called ‘Bundle & Save’, which allows customers to bundle multiple policies together for additional savings.

How does Bundle & Save work?

Bundle & Save works by allowing customers to combine two or more policies for additional savings on their premiums. For example, if you were to bundle your auto and renters’ insurance together with Branch Insurance, you could save up to 20% on your monthly premiums compared to buying each policy separately. This makes it a great option for anyone who wants maximum coverage at an affordable price.

What sets Branch Insurance apart from other insurers?

There are several things that set Branch Insurance apart from traditional insurers such as their advanced technology which allows them to offer faster claims processing and customer service, the fact that they offer customized insurance policies to suit individual needs and preferences, and their commitment to transparency and ethical business practices.

What do customers say about Branch Insurance?

Customers generally have positive things to say about Branch Insurance. Many appreciate the convenience of being able to purchase their policies online without the need for lengthy phone calls or in-person meetings. Others praise the company’s customer service which is said to be prompt, friendly, and genuinely helpful.

How does Branch Insurance price their policies?

Branch Insurance uses a unique pricing model that takes into account several factors such as your driving record (for auto insurance), credit score (for all types of insurance), and location (for home and renters’ insurance). This allows them to create custom quotes that reflect each customer’s individual risk profile. They also offer discounts for bundling multiple policies together.

How are claims handled by Branch Insurance?

Claims are handled quickly and efficiently by a dedicated team of experts at Branch Insurance. You can report a claim 24/7 through their website or mobile app, or by calling their claims hotline directly. Once your claim is submitted, you’ll receive updates on its status via email or text message so you always know what’s going on.

Who should consider using Branch Insurance?

Anyone who is looking for affordable, customized insurance coverage with excellent customer service should consider using Branch Insurance. The company’s modern approach to insurance makes it an appealing option for tech-savvy consumers who want an easy, hassle-free experience when buying and managing their policies. Additionally, those who want to bundle multiple policies together can save even more money on their premiums with Bundle & Save feature of the company.

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