Basis DSP Login – The Ultimate Guide

Basis DSP, formerly known as Centro DSP, is a demand-side platform that simplifies the buying and management of programmatic advertising campaigns. It provides advertisers with access to a massive inventory of ad spaces across multiple channels such as social media platforms, search engines, display networks, and mobile in-apps.

Basis DSP Login – The Ultimate Guide

One of the essential features of Basis DSP is its user-friendly interface that allows users to log in with ease and navigate through the different sections effortlessly. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to log in to Basis DSP and what you can expect from this powerful platform.

Step-by-Step Guide on Basis DSP Login

Before logging into Basis DSP, ensure that you have the following credentials:

  • Your registered email ID
  • Your registered password
  • Your organization’s name or ID

Once you have these details at hand, follow these simple steps to log in:

  1. Open your web browser and visit
  2. Enter your registered email ID in the first provided field.
  3. Enter your registered password in the second provided field.
  4. Click on "Log In."
  5. If you are logging in for the first time, select your organization’s name or ID from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click on "Select."

You will now be directed to your Basis DSP dashboard.

Features of Basis DSP Dashboard

Once you have successfully logged into your account, you can expect to find several useful tools and features within your dashboard. Here are some of them:

Campaign Manager

The campaign manager tool allows advertisers to create new campaigns or modify existing ones quickly. It lets you select specific goals for each campaign and target specific audiences based on location, demographics, behavior patterns, etc.

Reporting Tool

Basis DSP has an advanced reporting tool that provides real-time insights into all aspects of an ad campaign. It lets you track the performance of each campaign, ad group, or individual ad to make data-driven decisions.

Creative Studio

The creative studio tool allows advertisers to create custom ads or upload pre-existing ones quickly. It provides a range of templates and design options to customize ads for optimal performance.

Audience Marketplace

Basis DSP’s audience marketplace lets advertisers access third-party data sources that help them target specific audiences more effectively. The platform has partnered with several data providers, including Comscore, Nielsen, and Oracle Data Cloud.

Why Choose Basis DSP?

Basis DSP is an ideal platform for advertisers looking to streamline their programmatic advertising campaigns. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Highly Intuitive Interface: Basis DSP’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for novice users to navigate through the platform and execute campaigns efficiently.

  2. Comprehensive Campaign Management Tools: The platform offers advanced tools that let you manage all aspects of a campaign from a central location.

  3. Extensive Inventory Availability: Basis DSP provides access to a massive inventory across multiple channels and ad formats, including display ads, video ads, social media ads, search engine ads, and mobile in-apps.

  4. Real-Time Reporting: The reporting tools provide real-time insights into campaign performance so that advertisers can make informed decisions based on accurate data.

  5. Advanced Targeting Options: The audience targeting tools allow you to reach specific groups of people based on location, demographics, behaviors, interests, etc., increasing the chances of conversions.


In conclusion, Basis DSP is an excellent choice for advertisers who want to simplify the process of running programmatic advertising campaigns across multiple channels effectively. Its intuitive interface coupled with advanced management tools makes it easy to manage large-scale campaigns while providing real-time insights into their performance.

By following our simple step-by-step guide on how to log in, getting started with Basis DSP should be a breeze!


What is Basis DSP Login?

Basis DSP Login is a platform that provides access to advertising and marketing tools for advertisers, agencies, and marketers.

How can I get access to Basis DSP Login?

To get access to Basis DSP Login, you need to sign up for an account on the platform’s website or contact the sales team for assistance.

What are the benefits of using Basis DSP Login?

The benefits of using Basis DSP Login include real-time bidding capabilities, custom audience targeting, cross-channel optimization, and advanced reporting and analytics features.

What types of campaigns can I run on Basis DSP Login?

You can run various types of campaigns on Basis DSP Login, including display advertising, programmatic advertising, video advertising, mobile advertising, and social media advertising.

Is there any training available for users of Basis DSP Login?

Yes, there is training available for users of Basis DSP Login. You can access educational resources on the platform’s website or contact their support team for assistance.

Can I integrate my data with Basis DSP Login?

Yes, you can integrate your data with Basis DSP Login through various third-party integrations or by using their API. This allows you to use your own first-party data for targeting and reporting purposes.

How does real-time bidding work on Basis DSP Login?

Real-time bidding on Basis DSP Login works by allowing advertisers to bid in real time for ad impressions based on their desired audience targeting criteria. This allows them to reach the most relevant audience at a fair price.

Can I track conversions on Basis DSP Login?

Yes, you can track conversions on Basis DSP Login by setting up conversion tracking pixels or by integrating with third-party analytics platforms like Google Analytics. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize them for better performance.

How does cross-channel optimization work on Basis DSP Login?

Cross-channel optimization on Basis DSP Login works by allowing advertisers to allocate their budget across various channels like display, video, mobile, and social media based on their performance data. This allows them to optimize their campaigns for better results across multiple platforms.

Is there any support available for users of Basis DSP Login?

Yes, there is support available for users of Basis DSP Login. You can contact their support team through email or phone for assistance with any issues or questions you may have.

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