Aura Identity Guard Reviews: Is It Worth Investing In?

Identity theft has become a major concern in recent years, with reports of stolen identities and financial fraud on the rise. The consequences of identity theft can be devastating and long-lasting, from damaged credit scores to stolen funds to ruined reputations. This is where identity theft protection services come into play, and Aura Identity Guard is one such service that claims to provide comprehensive protection against identity theft. But is it worth investing in? In this review, we will take a closer look at Aura Identity Guard and evaluate its features.

Aura Identity Guard Reviews: Is It Worth Investing In?

What is Aura Identity Guard?

Aura Identity Guard is an identity theft protection service offered by the digital security company, Aura. It offers a range of services designed to protect individuals from all forms of identity theft, including financial fraud, social media hacking, data breaches, and more.

Some of the key features of Aura Identity Guard include:

  • Credit monitoring: Aura Identity Guard monitors your credit reports for any suspicious activity or changes.
  • Dark web monitoring: It scans the dark web for any personal information being sold illegally.
  • Social media monitoring: It checks your social media accounts for any suspicious activity or posts.
  • Fraud alerts: You will receive alerts if there are any unusual activities on your accounts that could indicate identity theft.
  • $1 million insurance policy: If you become a victim of identity theft while using Aura Identity Guard, they offer up to $1 million in insurance coverage.


Some of the pros of using Aura Identity Guard include:

Comprehensive Protection

Aura Identity Guard offers comprehensive protection against various types of identity theft. Its services cover everything from credit monitoring to social media monitoring.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

The dashboard provided by Aura Identity Guard is easy to use and navigate through. Users can access all their account information in one place without difficulty.

Insurance Coverage

The $1 million insurance policy offered by Aura provides peace of mind to users. It assures them that they are not alone if their identity is compromised while using the service.

Mobile App

Aura Identity Guard has a mobile app that users can download to stay on top of their account activities and receive alerts in real-time.

Affordable Pricing

Aura Identity Guard offers affordable pricing plans without compromising on features or quality.


Like any other product or service, there are some cons associated with Aura Identity Guard. These include:

No Family Plan

The service does not offer family plans, which means that each member of the family would need to have an individual subscription.

Limited Customer Support

Aura Identity Guard’s customer support team is only available during certain hours, which could be challenging for those needing immediate assistance outside of these hours.

Limited Service Coverage

While Aura Identity Guard offers comprehensive protection services, its coverage is limited to the United States only.


Overall, Aura Identity Guard seems like a good investment for those looking for comprehensive identity theft protection. With its easy-to-use dashboard, affordable pricing plans and valuable features such as credit monitoring and insurance coverage, Aura stands out among its competitors. Although it does have minor drawbacks such as limited customer support and no international coverage , it still provides a decent value for the money you pay.

If you’re currently looking for an identity theft protection service or considering switching providers, we highly recommend giving Aura Identity Guard a try.


What is Aura Identity Guard?

Aura Identity Guard is a comprehensive identity theft protection service that monitors your personal information, alerts you of potential threats, and provides assistance in case your identity is stolen.

How does Aura Identity Guard work?

Aura Identity Guard works by monitoring credit bureaus, public records, and the dark web for any suspicious activity related to your personal information. When it detects any potential threats or red flags, it sends you alerts via email or mobile app. Additionally, it provides assistance in case you become a victim of identity theft.

What are the features of Aura Identity Guard?

Aura Identity Guard offers a range of features including credit monitoring, dark web scanning, social media monitoring, lost wallet assistance, identity restoration services, and up to $1 million insurance coverage for stolen funds or expenses associated with recovering your identity.

Is Aura Identity Guard easy to use?

Yes, Aura Identity Guard is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Once you sign up for the service, you’ll have access to a dashboard where you can view all the information related to your account such as alerts, notifications and additional resources.

How much does Aura Identity Guard cost?

The cost of Aura Identity Guard depends on the plan that you select. The most basic plan starts at $8.99 per month while the premium plan costs $24.99 per month. You can also opt for an annual payment which could save you some money in comparison with monthly payments. However, before making a decision based solely on price be sure to review each plans offerings and determine which fits best with your needs.

Does Aura Identity Guard only cover individuals or can businesses also use the service?

While Aura primarily focuses on individuals they do offer business solutions through their platform LifeLock Business Solutions.

How does Aura Identity Guard protect my personal information?

Aura Identity Guard utilizes advanced algorithms to monitor and protect your personal information. They also use encryption technology to secure data exchanged throughout the platform.

What is the difference between Aura’s Basic and Premium plans?

The main difference between Aura’s Basic and Premium plan is their level of protection. The Basic plan includes credit monitoring, dark web scanning, and lost wallet assistance while the Premium plan adds additional features such as social media monitoring, investment account activity alerts, and 401(k) & IRA account alerts among others.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime without penalty or fee by calling their customer support hotline. Also worth noting that they have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for new customers although keep in mind that the terms of this always apply.

Is Aura Identity Guard worth investing in?

Ultimately, whether or not Aura Identity Guard is worth investing in depends on your individual needs regarding identity theft protection.There are also other factors to consider before making a decision such as the quality of customer service, reputation for reliability, reviews from previous users among others. That being said if you want to take proactive steps toward protecting yourself from identity theft then it might be worth considering Aura’s offerings.

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