Apps Similar to Dave

If you’re looking for a mobile app that can help you manage your finances, then Dave is probably one of the first apps that will come to mind. Dave is a popular budgeting app that allows users to keep track of their expenses, manage their bills, and even get cash advances if they need some quick cash.

Apps Similar to Dave

But what if you’re looking for an alternative to Dave? Maybe you want to explore other options or features that Dave doesn’t provide. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best apps like Dave and what they have to offer.

1. Mint

Mint is another popular budgeting app that has been around since 2006. Like Dave, Mint allows users to keep track of their spending and bills in one place. However, Mint goes a step further by providing insights into your spending habits and offering personalized suggestions on how to save money.

One unique feature of Mint is its investment tracker. This feature lets you see all your investment accounts in one place and monitor their performance over time. You can also set financial goals with the app and track your progress towards them.

Overall, Mint is a great alternative to Dave if you’re looking for more personalized insights into your finances and better long-term financial planning.


YNAB (You Need A Budget) is another popular budgeting app that takes a different approach than most other budgeting apps on the market. Unlike apps like Mint or Dave that focus on tracking expenses after they’ve occurred, YNAB helps users plan ahead by assigning every dollar they earn to specific categories like rent, groceries, or savings.

This unique approach empowers users to take control of their budgeting by giving them a clear picture of where their money is going before it’s spent. YNAB also provides helpful resources like online classes and webinars to help users master their budgeting skills.

If you’re looking for a hands-on budgeting app that encourages proactive financial planning, then YNAB is definitely worth checking out.

3. PocketGuard

PocketGuard is a personal finance app that helps users keep track of their finances in real-time. Similar to Dave, PocketGuard syncs with your bank accounts and credit cards to automatically categorize your transactions and provide insights into your spending habits.

One unique feature of PocketGuard is its "In My Pocket" feature which tells you how much money you have left to spend each day after bills and savings have been taken into account. This helps users avoid overspending and stay on track with their financial goals.

Overall, PocketGuard is a great alternative to Dave if you’re looking for a mobile app that provides real-time insights into your spending habits and helps you stay on track with your budgeting goals.

4. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is an investment management app that allows users to keep track of all their investment accounts in one place. In addition to tracking investments, the app also offers personalized financial planning services like retirement planning, tax optimization, and estate planning.

One unique feature of Personal Capital is its free portfolio analysis service which provides users with a detailed review of their investment portfolios and suggestions on how to optimize them for better returns.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one finance management solution that includes investment tracking and personalized financial planning services, then Personal Capital may be the perfect alternative to Dave for you.

5. Acorns

Acorns is a micro-investing app that lets users invest their spare change from everyday purchases. Similar to Dave’s cash advance feature, Acorns also offers a cash back program where users can earn money back on purchases made through the app’s merchant partners.

One unique feature of Acorns is its "Found Money" program which offers bonuses when users shop at select retailers using the app’s linked debit or credit card.

If you’re looking for a mobile app that encourages passive investing and offers cash back rewards on everyday purchases, then Acorns is definitely worth checking out as an alternative to Dave.


While Dave is a great budgeting app for many users, there are plenty of other options available in the market today. From hands-on budgeting apps like YNAB to investment management apps like Personal Capital, there’s something for everyone when it comes to managing your finances on-the-go.

By exploring these alternative apps similar to Dave, you can find the perfect match for your unique financial needs and take control of your personal finances with ease!


What are the best apps similar to Dave?

There are several great apps similar to Dave, including Earnin, MoneyLion, and Brigit. Each of these apps offers unique features and benefits to help you improve your financial wellness.

How does MoneyLion compare to Dave?

MoneyLion is similar to Dave in that it offers low-interest cash advances and overdraft protection. However, MoneyLion also provides other services like managed investment accounts and credit score monitoring.

Can I get a payday advance with Earnin like I can with Dave?

Yes, you can receive a payday advance using Earnin just like you can with Dave. With Earnin, you can access up to $500 per pay period, which is deposited directly into your bank account.

Does Brigit cost money?

Yes, Brigit charges a monthly membership fee to use its services. The membership fee varies depending on the plan you choose but typically ranges from $9.99 – $19.99 per month.

What sets Branch apart from other apps like Dave?

Branch is unique in that it offers both short-term loans and long-term installment loans. This means you have more flexibility when it comes to borrowing money and paying it back over time.

How does Floatme compare to other loan apps like Dave?

Floatme offers small cash advances up to $50 until your next paycheck, similar to other loan apps like Dave or Earnin. However, Floatme charges a small monthly subscription fee instead of asking for tips or donations from users.

Which app offers the lowest interest rates?

It’s tough to say which app offers the lowest interest rates since they all vary depending on factors like creditworthiness and financial history. However, MoneyLion and Chime are known for offering competitive rates to their users.

Can I use Albert to manage my bills like Dave?

Yes, you can use Albert’s bill management feature to help you stay on top of your monthly expenses just like you can with Dave. Albert also offers investment advice and savings recommendations to help you reach your financial goals.

How does CashNetUSA compare to loan apps like Dave?

CashNetUSA is a more traditional online lender that offers short-term loans with high-interest rates. While it may be an option for those who don’t qualify for loans through other apps like Dave or Earnin, it’s important to understand the terms and fees before agreeing to borrow money.

Can I get overdraft protection with Credit Karma Money like I can with Dave?

Yes, Credit Karma Money offers overdraft protection up to $100 just like Dave does. Additionally, Credit Karma Money doesn’t charge any fees for overdrafts or insufficient funds.

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