American Intercontinental University Tuition Costs and Opportunities

When it comes to choosing a college or university to attend, one of the most important factors that students consider is tuition. Over the years, the cost of higher education has been on the rise, and many students and families are wondering how they will be able to afford it. This is especially true for those who are looking at attending private institutions. In this article, we will take a closer look at American Intercontinental University’s tuition costs, as well as the opportunities it provides for its students.

American Intercontinental University Tuition Costs and Opportunities

Understanding American Intercontinental University (AIU)

Before diving into AIU’s tuition costs, it’s important first to understand what sets this institution apart from others. Established in 1970, American Intercontinental University is a private for-profit university with campuses located in Houston and Atlanta. The university also offers online programs accessible to students worldwide.

AIU offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various fields such as business administration, criminal justice, healthcare management, marketing, education, and more. These programs are designed to prepare students for professional careers by providing them with practical knowledge and skills needed in their respective industries.

How much does American Intercontinental University Tuition cost?

American Intercontinental University tuition varies depending on the program type (online vs. on-campus), level of degree (undergraduate vs. graduate), program length (accelerated vs traditional), and residency status (domestic vs. international), among others.

For undergraduate online programs at AIU with a full-time schedule (three courses per quarter), domestic students pay $322 per credit hour while international students pay $370 per credit hour; however, part-time online studies are billed $414 per credit hour for both domestic and international students.

As for on-campus degree programs at AIU based in Houston or Atlanta campuses’ full-time undergraduates’ tuition rate per quarter ranges from $5,355 to $6,915 ($895 to $1,153 per credit) while international students pay a higher tuition rate of $7,380 to $9,345 ($1,230 to $1558 per credit). Part-time on-campus studies’ billing rate ranges between $448 and $578 per credit hour.

For graduate degree programs at AIU with a full-time schedule (two courses per quarter), domestic students are charged $516 per credit hour while international students pay $620 per credit hour. The cost of part-time study varies from a charge of between $556 and $678 for domestic students while international charges fall between the range of 636 and 773 dollars per credit hour.

It’s important to note that these rates exclude other fees such as books, supplies, technology fees, and living expenses.

What financial aid options are available?

Don’t be discouraged by American Intercontinental University Tuition costs as there are many financial aid opportunities available for those who qualify.

As with all institutions of higher learning based in the United States, American Intercontinental University is approved by the U.S. Department of Education for participating in student assistance programs such as Title IV Federal Financial Aid Programs like the Pell Grant, Direct Stafford Loans, and PLUS loans. These grants and loans are awarded based on factors such as academic merit or financial need.

In addition to federal aid programs, AIU also offers various scholarships specific to their university whereby scholarships include the America Achievers Scholarship which awards a sum of up to fifty percent waiver in undergraduate tuition fees, or the Master’s Achievement Scholarship which provides a fifty percent reduction off masters’ degree program costs.

The university also provides hands-on support for its students in applying for other institutional scholarships, Veterans Affairs benefits, or Private Loans through loan providers like Wells Fargo or Sallie Mae.

Are there any additional support services available?

American Intercontinental University prides itself on providing resources that can help its students succeed academically and professionally.

One notable service for AIU students and graduates is Career Services. The center provides a range of support services such as job searching strategies, resume writing, interviewing techniques, career guidance, networking opportunities, employer connections, and many more.

The university’s Virtual Campus provides extensive library resources accessible to online students with one-on-one research consultation or assignment feedback.


American Intercontinental University is a great institution that provides its students with quality education and practical skills needed in their various industries. While tuition costs may be on the higher side compared to some other institutions of higher learning from public universities, AIU offers financial aid solutions coupled with various support services that go beyond the classroom.

Overall, if you’re considering attending American Intercontinental University and are looking for a school that prioritizes your success both academically and professionally, then it’s worth exploring the many options available to make your education experience even more accessible.


What is American Intercontinental University?

American Intercontinental University, also known as AIU, is a private for-profit university with campuses located in Atlanta, Georgia, and Houston, Texas. They offer various undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as business, healthcare management, criminal justice, education, and information technology.

How much does it cost to attend American Intercontinental University?

The tuition costs at American Intercontinental University vary depending on the program and campus location. However, according to the school’s website, undergraduate tuition ranges from $310-$485 per credit hour, and graduate tuition ranges from $600-$750 per credit hour. Additional fees may apply for books and supplies.

Does American Intercontinental University offer financial aid?

Yes! American Intercontinental University offers financial aid options to eligible students including grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study programs. Students can submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine their eligibility for federal financial aid programs.

Are there any scholarships available for students attending American Intercontinental University?

Yes! American Intercontinental University offers numerous scholarships designed to help offset the cost of tuition for students who qualify. Some of the scholarships include military scholarships, Phi Theta Kappa scholarships, and AIU grants based on academic merit or need.

Can online students receive financial aid from American Intercontinental University?

Absolutely! Online students are eligible to apply for financial aid just like traditional campus-based students. Just be sure that you meet all of the eligibility requirements set forth by the school and by federal guidelines before submitting your FAFSA application.

Do I need good grades to be accepted into American Intercontinental University?

While GPA requirements can vary depending on the program of interest at AIU but often there are no minimum GPA requirements for admission into the university. However, applicants will need to provide proof of a high school diploma or GED equivalent and fulfill other admission requirements set forth by the school.

Is American Intercontinental University accredited?

Yes! American Intercontinental University is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and is a member of the North Central Association. This means that AIU’s academic programs have been evaluated and approved by a reputable organization dedicated to ensuring quality education standards are met in higher education institutions.

How long does it take to graduate from American Intercontinental University?

The length of time it takes to complete a degree program at AIU can vary depending on the program and your schedule. Most bachelor’s degree programs typically require 120-180 credit hours and can be completed in four years full-time. Master’s degrees usually require between 36-54 credit hours and may take two years or more to complete depending on the student’s pace.

Does American Intercontinental University offer any job placement assistance for graduates?

Yes! American Intercontinental University has a Career Services department that assists students with job search strategies, resume building, career counseling, interview preparation, networking opportunities, and more. They also offer resources for continuing education, such as professional development courses or advanced degree programs.

Can I transfer credits earned at another institution to American Intercontinental University?

Yes! AIU accepts transfers from other regionally-accredited institutions provided that you meet their transfer admissions requirements including minimum GPA criteria. The amount of transfer credit accepted depends on several factors including your selected degree program, coursework already completed, and successful completion of prior coursework.

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