American Cruise Lines Lawsuit: A Detailed Explanation

The American Cruise Lines is a popular small-ship cruise line that offers various voyages around the United States. However, the company has been embroiled in several lawsuits in recent years. One of such lawsuit was filed by a former employee alleging wrongful termination, while another involved allegations of discrimination against passengers with disabilities.

American Cruise Lines Lawsuit: A Detailed Explanation

In this article, we will delve into these lawsuits and more to provide you with a detailed explanation of the American Cruise Lines lawsuit.

The Allegations of Discrimination Against Passengers with Disabilities

In 2019, the American Cruise Lines faced allegations of discriminating against passengers with disabilities. Two disabled passengers filed a lawsuit against the company under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

According to the lawsuit, American Cruise Lines failed to provide any reasonable accommodations for disabled passengers. The plaintiffs, who claimed to have suffered emotional distress as a result of the defendant’s actions, were seeking damages for violations of their civil rights.

The alleged discriminatory practices include but are not limited to inaccessible cabins, insufficient number of elevators and ramps on board the ship, and an inadequate seating arrangement in common areas. The plaintiffs also claimed that they faced discrimination when trying to book their tickets online as there was no option for people with disabilities to request reasonable accommodations.

American Cruise Lines has denied all allegations and maintained its stance on providing accessible cruises. In a statement released shortly after the filing of the lawsuit, the cruise liner stated that it "prides itself on being inclusive" and had always complied with ADA requirements.

The case is still ongoing as at October 2021.

Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Another notable lawsuit involving American Cruise Lines was brought by one Richard Sweeny – a former employee – alleging wrongful termination from his job as an engineer on one of their ships.

In his complaint filed before federal courts in Connecticut in September 2019, Sweeny accused the company of firing him because he had reported mechanical issues on board that ship. He claimed that after reporting the issues to his superiors, he was subjected to retaliation, including being demoted.

Sweeny further alleged that he was ultimately fired in June 2018 despite having a "stellar employment record" with American Cruise Lines. According to him, the company’s actions constituted wrongful termination and retaliation for reporting safety violations under the Seaman’s Protection Act.

In response, American Cruise Lines denied all allegations of wrongdoing. The company stated that Sweeny was terminated after an investigation showed that he had violated certain safety protocols aboard the ship. The case is still ongoing as at October 2021.


The lawsuits involving American Cruise Lines are a reminder of how important it is for cruise companies to ensure they comply with regulations and offer inclusive services for all passengers regardless of their physical capabilities.

While these lawsuits are still ongoing, they highlight the need for companies to take their responsibilities seriously and ensure they provide safe and accessible cruises for everyone.

We shall keep you updated on any new developments regarding these cases.


What is the American Cruise Lines lawsuit about?

The American Cruise Lines lawsuit refers to a legal case filed against the company for issues related to their employment practices and labor laws.

Who is involved in the American Cruise Lines lawsuit?

The parties involved in the lawsuit include current and former employees of American Cruise Lines, as well as the company itself.

What are some of the allegations made in the American Cruise Lines lawsuit?

Some of the allegations made in the lawsuit include violations of minimum wage and overtime laws, failure to provide adequate breaks, and improper classification of workers.

When was the American Cruise Lines lawsuit filed?

The lawsuit was filed in 2021 by a group of employees who had worked for American Cruise Lines at various times over several years.

Where was the American Cruise Lines lawsuit filed?

The suit was filed in a federal court in Florida, where American Cruise Lines is headquartered.

How many employees are involved in the American Cruise Lines lawsuit?

While an exact number has not been disclosed, reports indicate that dozens of former and current employees have joined the suit against American Cruise Lines.

What is expected to happen with the American Cruise Line’s case?

It is difficult to predict how exactly the case will play out, but if found liable for any labor law violations, American Cruise Lines could be required to pay back wages and other damages to affected workers.

How has American Cruise Line responded to the allegations made in the lawsuit?

Thus far, representatives from American Cruise Line have declined to comment on ongoing litigation matters.

Are there similar lawsuits against other cruise lines or companies within this industry?

Yes, similar lawsuits have been brought against other cruise lines and companies in this industry for similar issues related to employment practices and labor laws.

Can cruise ships be subject to the same labor laws as other land-based businesses?

Yes, while there may be some differences in how certain aspects of labor law are applied to workers on cruise ships due to their unique circumstances, they are generally subject to the same basic requirements and protections as other employees.

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