The American Car Center Lawsuit: A Deep Dive into the Details

The American Car Center has been a popular car dealership in recent years, offering a variety of vehicles and financing options to customers. However, the company has recently come under fire due to a lawsuit filed against them. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the American Car Center lawsuit and provide detailed information on the allegations brought against them.

The American Car Center Lawsuit: A Deep Dive into the Details

Overview of the American Car Center

Before diving into the lawsuit itself, it is important to understand what exactly the American Car Center is and what they offer. The American Car Center is a used car dealership that specializes in providing financing options for people with less-than-perfect credit scores. They have locations across several states in the southeastern United States, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

The American Car Center offers a wide range of vehicles from various manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Nissan and others. In addition to selling cars, they also provide financing options for those who are unable to obtain traditional auto loans from banks or other lenders.

The Allegations Against American Car Center

In September 2020, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the American Car Center by several customers who had purchased vehicles through their financing program. According to the lawsuit documents obtained by Reuters news agency , plaintiffs allege that "American Car Center creates and markets its own loan products as insurance policies disguised as retail installment sale contracts."

Specifically, plaintiffs claim that they were charged inflated prices for vehicle service contracts known as "Warranty Forever" despite being told these contracts were free with their vehicle purchase. In addition to this misrepresentation of costs for additional services bundled with car sales and financings agreement; many plaintiffs further claimed that they received harassing phone calls from collectors employed by ACC following minor missed payments.

Furthermore , Plaintiffs assert that ACC consistently threatens repossession over small delinquencies (late payments) and that their in-house financing programs also violate the Truth in Lending Act, which requires lenders to disclose all terms and costs of a loan or credit agreement. If these allegations are true, it would mean that the American Car Center has been engaging in fraudulent practices, misleading customers and violating consumer protection laws.

The Response from American Car Center

The American Car Center has not yet publicly responded to the allegations brought against them. However, they have denied any claims of wrongdoing on their website by posting a statement that reads: "American Car Center values its customers and complies with all applicable statutes and regulations governing its business." They further stated that plaintiff’s lawyers have cited no actual evidence for the sensational claims about abusive collection practices that go beyond industry norms.

Despite this statement, the lawsuit continues as plaintiffs press forward seeking compensation for damages under state and federal consumer protection laws.

Conclusion: What This Means for Customers

If you are someone who is considering purchasing a vehicle from the American Car Center or using their financing program , it is important to be aware of the allegations against them. It is crucially important to carefully read through any paperwork and agreements presented by ACC associates when entering into sales agreements with them.

While we cannot say whether these allegations are true or not at this time, it is important for consumers to understand their rights when it comes to receiving fair treatment from dealerships and lenders alike . If you believe your rights have been violated after doing business with ACC or another car dealership, consider reaching out to an attorney experienced in consumer protection laws for guidance on legal options available.


What is the American Car Center Lawsuit?

The American Car Center Lawsuit is a legal battle between the American Car Center, a used car dealership chain, and several customers who allege that they were misled by the company into signing unfavorable contracts

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