Upgrade to Business Class with Air India

If you’re looking for a comfortable and luxurious travel experience, upgrading your flight to business class is the perfect choice. Air India is one of the leading airlines in India that offers an exceptional in-flight experience to its passengers. In this article, we will discuss how you can upgrade to business class with Air India.

Upgrade to Business Class with Air India

Benefits of Upgrading to Business Class

Upgrading to business class comes with numerous benefits that ensure a luxurious and relaxing flight experience. Some of the benefits include:

More Comfortable Seats

Business-class seats are designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. These seats are more spacious than economy-class seats, providing ample legroom for a comfortable journey.

Priority Check-In and Boarding

Airlines offer priority check-in and boarding facilities for passengers who have upgraded their tickets to business class. This helps in avoiding long queues and provides a hassle-free travel experience.

Exclusive Lounge Access

Passengers flying business class enjoy access to exclusive airport lounges, where they can relax before their flight. These lounges provide complimentary food and beverages, free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating arrangements, and other amenities.

Fine Dining Experience

Business-class passengers are served high-quality meals prepared by experienced chefs with a wide range of cuisines on offer. Additionally, these meals are served on proper tableware that adds an extra touch of luxury.

Increased Baggage Allowance

Business-class travelers usually have higher baggage allowance than ordinary travelers, which allows them to carry more items without any added cost.

How to Upgrade Your Air India Flight Ticket

Air India offers several options that allow you to upgrade your economy ticket into business class:


BidUpgrade is an innovative program introduced by Air India that enables passengers holding confirmed Economy tickets to place a bid for an upgrade into the Business cabin on select international flights operated by Boeing 747 aircraft only (Ex-Delhi) through website www.airindia.in at a nominal amount. Passengers can place their bids for an upgrade up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Frequent Flyer Programs

Air India’s frequent flyer program, Flying Returns, provides opportunities for its members to upgrade their tickets using their accumulated miles. You can check your mileage balance and redeem your points for an upgrade by logging in to your account on Air India’s website.

Pay Upgrade

Another option is the pay upgrade facility offered by Air India. Passengers can avail themselves of this service by paying a fee that varies depending on the destination and availability of seats. This option is available at the airport or through Air India’s customer care center.

Things to Remember When Upgrading Your Ticket

When upgrading your ticket, there are some essential things that you need to keep in mind:

Availability of Seats

Upgrading your ticket depends on the availability of business-class seats. So it is always better to plan ahead and book your tickets well in advance.


The cost of upgrading your ticket may vary depending on several factors such as the destination, type of aircraft, and travel date. It is essential to compare different options available and select one that fits within your budget.


Not all travelers are eligible for an upgrade. Some airlines have specific eligibility criteria that passengers must meet before they can upgrade their ticket.

Check-In Time

If you are trying to upgrade at the airport, make sure you arrive early during check-in so you have enough time to complete all necessary procedures without any rush.


Upgrading from economy class to business class adds luxury and comfort to air travel. Air India provides various options that enable travelers to upgrade their airline tickets, including BidUpgrade, frequent flyer programs like Flying Returns or a Pay Upgrade facility available through customer care center or airports. However, it’s important to keep in mind factors such as availability of seats, cost, eligibility, and check-in time when upgrading your ticket. So go ahead and upgrade your Air India flight ticket to business class for a memorable and luxurious travel experience.


How do I upgrade to Business Class with Air India?

Upgrading to Business Class with Air India is easy. You can either do it online or at the airport check-in counter. If you want to upgrade online, simply log in to your booking and select the “Upgrade” option. Alternatively, you can visit the airport counter and request an upgrade there.

What are the benefits of upgrading to Business Class with Air India?

There are several benefits of upgrading to Business Class with Air India. These include priority check-in, access to exclusive airport lounges, greater baggage allowance, more comfortable seats, better food options and a wider range of entertainment choices.

How much does it cost to upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class with Air India?

The cost of upgrading from Economy Class to Business Class with Air India varies depending on the route and availability. It’s best to check their website or speak directly with an airline representative for a quote for your specific itinerary.

Is it worth upgrading from Economy Class to Business Class with Air India?

Yes, upgrading from Economy Class to Business Class with Air India is definitely worth it if you place value on comfort, luxury and convenience while traveling. You’ll enjoy so many perks that will make your flight experience more enjoyable overall.

What types of meals are served in Business Class on Air India flights?

Meals served in Business class on Air India flights are typically gourmet meals prepared by top chefs that cater for different dietary requirements like vegetarian cuisine, gluten-free or lactose intolerant diets among others.. You’ll get a wider variety of options as compared business class meals prepared by other airlines..

Can I use my frequent flyer miles or reward points to upgrade my ticket from Economy class to Business class on an Air India Flight?

Yes, you can use your frequent flyer miles or reward points to upgrade your ticket from Economy class to Business class on Air India flights. However, this is subject to availability and may vary depending on the route and distance of your flight.

Can I upgrade my ticket to Business Class with Air India at the gate?

Yes, upgrading tickets to Business Class with Air India is possible even at the airport gate, but it is subject to availability. If there are vacant seats available in Business class then you can request an upgrade at check-in or boarding time.

Does Air India offer any special deals for upgrading tickets to Business Class?

Yes, Air India does offer special deals for upgrading tickets from Economy Class to Business Class. These deals may be offered during certain times of the year like during holidays or when there’s low demand which makes the cost of upgrading more affordable for passengers.

Can I select a preferred seat in Business Class on an Air India Flight?

Yes, you can select a preferred seat when flying business class on an Air India flight.. With wider ergonomic seating options available , AC power outlets for charging devices and different recline angles available, it’s easy to find a seat that meets your comfort needs while traveling.

What amenities are provided in a Business Class cabin onboard Air India Flights?

Passengers flying in Business class onboard an Air India Flight will enjoy benefits such as large screen TV monitors loaded with movies/TV shows, noise-cancellation headphones and Wi-Fi streaming capabilities; access to airport lounges before departure; priority boarding and check-in services; complimentary meals and beverages (including alcoholic drinks); spacious legroom seats that convert into flat beds; generous baggage allowances among others.

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