Everything You Need to Know About 340B ESP Login

The 340B program is a federal program that provides discounted drugs to eligible healthcare organizations serving vulnerable patient populations. The program has become increasingly popular over the years, with more and more facilities signing up each year. The program also features a web-based portal where eligible entities can manage their 340B drug discounts, known as the 340B ESP Login.

Everything You Need to Know About 340B ESP Login

In this post, we will explore what the 340B ESP Login is, how it works, and what benefits it offers to eligible organizations.

What is the 340B ESP Login?

The 340B ESP Login is a secure web portal that eligible entities use to access and manage their 340B drug pricing program account. The system was designed by Apexus Inc., which is contracted by HRSA (Health Resources & Services Administration) to be the prime vendor for the 340b drug pricing program. Apexus provides various services to covered entities under this contract including operating and maintaining an electronic purchasing system platform named as "Apexus Advanced Platform". Covered entities who participate in the federal government’s 340B drug discount program are required to maintain accurate records of all drug purchases and sales under the program. Thus, through this portal, covered entities can perform several tasks including ordering drugs from manufacturers or distributors participating in the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), checking prices of different medications, monitoring compliance requirements and generating reports for audits.

To ensure security, every user has their unique login credentials that they use when accessing the portal. Only authorized personnel within eligible organizations have access to sensitive information related to drug purchases and pricing.

How Does It Work?

To use the 340B ESP Login system, an organization must first enroll in HRSA’s Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA) database before registering on Apexus’ secure web platform. In detail steps include:

  • Registering with HRSA: To participate in the 340B program, an eligible healthcare organization must register with HRSA’s OPA database. This registration process includes providing detailed information about the entity such as ownership type, primary practice areas, and patient volume.
  • Registering with Apexus: Once a covered entity registers with the OPA database, it can then enroll on Apexus’ 340B ESP Login portal. The entity must provide required information such as their covered entity identifiers, billing numbers, and other relevant data to complete the registration process. These identifiers are necessary for tracking purchases and sales under the 340B program.
  • Logging In: After registration is complete and credentials have been issued by Apexus, eligible entities can access the portal using their unique login credentials. Upon logging in, users can view available drugs from participating manufacturers at discounted prices.

The platform integrates seamlessly with major electronic health record (EHR) systems like EPIC or Cerner that enables providers to check if a patient is eligible for a discounted drug purchase under the program.

Benefits of Using 340B ESP Login

Some benefits of using 340b ESP Login include:

Simplified Workflow

The portal simplifies workflow for participating organizations by making ordering and procurement processes more manageable. It helps save time while reducing errors that could result from manual inputs.

Secure Access

Access to sensitive data within the system is restrictive and limited only to authorized personnel. This feature ensures that patient information remains secure and private.

Real-Time Monitoring

The platform provides real-time monitoring of drug inventory levels through reports generated by the system. This allows organizations to forecast future demand accurately.

Compliance Management

The portal enhances compliance management by streamlining audits of purchases made by participating entities. The system automatically generates detailed reports that auditors use to verify purchases made under the program.


In conclusion, 340b ESP Login is a user-friendly web-based portal designed explicitly for eligible healthcare organizations enrolled in the federal government’s 340B drug pricing program. The platform streamlines procurement processes while enhancing compliance management and ensuring secure access to sensitive data.

Apexus Advanced Platform has become an essential tool for organizations participating in the 340B program, as it allows them to take advantage of discounted drug prices while providing better care to their patients.


What is 340B ESP Login?

340B ESP Login is a web-based portal provided by Apexus that allows eligible covered entities to manage their participation in the 340B Drug Pricing Program.

Who can access 340B ESP Login?

Only authorized personnel from eligible covered entities who have been granted access by their organization’s primary contact can access 340B ESP Login.

What functionalities are available on the 340B ESP platform?

The 340B ESP platform provides users with numerous functionalities, including checking eligibility, managing inventory, purchasing drugs, and generating reports.

How do I register for the 340B program and get access to the portal?

To register for the program and obtain access to the portal, your organization must first be deemed eligible by HRSA. Once eligibility has been established, your organization’s primary contact can request access for authorized personnel via the HRSA website.

What are some of the challenges associated with using the 340B ESP platform?

Some challenges that users may encounter include navigating through multiple screens, difficulty in understanding data fields and reporting requirements, and ensuring compliance with program rules and regulations.

Can I use the 340B program to purchase drugs for resale or distribution to non-eligible patients?

No. Drugs purchased through the 340B program must be used solely for eligible patients or dispensed at discounted prices to contract pharmacies participating in the program.

How does drug pricing work under the 340B program?

Under this program, participating manufacturers are required to provide outpatient drugs at significantly reduced prices to participating healthcare organizations who serve low-income and vulnerable populations.

Does participation in the 340B program impact patient care or outcomes?

Participating in the 340B program can positively impact patient care by allowing healthcare organizations to stretch their resources further and to provide many vital services that are otherwise unavailable to uninsured or underinsured patients. The program has been shown to improve access to affordable medications and reduce the burden of uncompensated care on participating hospitals.

Are there any compliance considerations for covered entities using the 340B ESP platform?

Yes. Covered entities must adhere to strict rules and regulations governing the use of 340B pricing and must ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and program requirements. Non-compliance can lead to penalties, sanctions, and loss of eligibility for future participation in the program.

How often should I log in to the 340B ESP portal?

To ensure timely management of inventory, ordering of drugs, compliance with program rules, and generation of reports, authorized personnel should log in daily or as required by their organization’s policies and procedures.

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