27 Cash Com Reviews: The Truth Behind This Online Lender

When it comes to a financial emergency, getting quick access to funds can be crucial. However, not everyone has a good credit score, which makes it challenging to get loans from traditional lenders like banks and credit unions. This is why online lending platforms like 27cash.com have become popular in recent years.

27 Cash Com Reviews: The Truth Behind This Online Lender

If you’re considering getting a loan from 27 cash com, you may have some questions about the service’s legitimacy and reliability. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at 27 cash com reviews and examine the pros and cons of using their services.

What is 27cash.com?

27 cash com is an online lending platform that provides short-term loans to people who need urgent financial assistance. They have been in operation since 2013 and claim to be committed to helping people solve their financial problems quickly and easily.

The platform operates throughout the United States but does not offer its services in every state. They have different eligibility criteria depending on state regulations. For instance, if you’re based in California or Florida, your minimum age requirement should be at least 18 years old rather than 21 in some other states.

How Does It Work?

To apply for a loan on the platform, the borrower needs to visit the website at www.27cash.com . Fill out an application form with personal details such as name, email address, phone number, social security number, employment details etc., specifying how much money they need.

After submitting the application form online, a customer representative will contact them within minutes or hours via phone or email. The representative will verify your information and let you know if your loan request has been approved or rejected.

Once approved for the loan amount requested, borrowers receive their funds via ACH transfer usually within one banking day after signing up for electronic fund transfer through ACH – Automated Clearing House. Repayment periods ranges from 3 to 12 months in installments that are fixed, making it convenient for consumers to budget their expenses.

What are the Pros of Using 27 Cash Com?

Quick Process

One of the advantages of using 27 cash com is that application is straightforward and relatively quick. The online application can be submitted within minutes, and a customer representative will contact you within hours to let you know if your loan has been approved or rejected. If approved, the funds are transferred to your bank account usually on the next business day.

No Credit Checks

Another advantage is that they do not conduct a full credit check, which means even if you have a poor credit score or no credit history at all, you can still be approved for a loan. This allows people with bad credit scores easy access to funds when they need it most in emergencies.

Wide Range of Loan Amounts

27 cash com provides loans ranging from $100-$5000 depending on state limitations which gives borrowers more financial flexibility as opposed to other lenders who offer restricted amounts.

What are the Cons of Using 27 Cash Com?

High-Interest Rates

One major drawback is that their interest rates are much higher than those offered by traditional lenders like banks and credit unions. Depending on state regulations, an APR (Annual percentage rate) can range anywhere from about 200% – 1500%, which could make it difficult for some people to repay their loans as effectively as they would want.

Limited Availability

Another disadvantage is that they don’t offer their services in every state across the US. At present, they only operate in certain states:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah

If you live outside of these states, then you won’t be able to use their platform.

Is It Safe to Use 27 Cash Com?

To ensure secure data protection and privacy, 27cash.com uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect all information transmitted to and from its website. This means that your personal information and financial details are safe and secure when you apply for a loan through their platform.


27 cash com offers quick access to funds for people who need them urgently, especially those with poor credit scores. While they have high-interest rates compared to traditional lenders, they also offer an easy application process, which makes them an attractive option for many consumers.

However, it’s important to note that their services aren’t available in every state in the US. As with any online lending platform, it’s critical to read the company’s terms carefully before applying for a loan.

Overall, based on customer reviews across different websites including Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau (BBB), 27 cash com seems relatively reliable and credible as a lender.


What is 27 Cash Com?

27 Cash Com is an online lender that offers short term loans to borrowers in need of quick cash.

Is 27 Cash Com a legitimate lender?

Yes, 27 Cash Com is a legitimate lender with a valid license to operate and offer loans to consumers.

Are there any upfront fees or charges with 27 Cash Com?

No, there are no upfront fees or charges associated with applying for a loan from 27 Cash Com.

Can I apply for a loan with bad credit through 27 Cash Com?

Yes, borrowers with bad credit can apply for a loan through 27 Cash Com, but their chances of approval may be lower than those with good credit.

How much can I borrow from 27 Cash Com?

Borrowers can request loan amounts ranging from $100 to $1,000 through 27 Cash Com. The approved amount will depend on the borrower’s income and credit history.

How long does it take to receive funds from 27 Cash Com?

If approved, borrowers can receive their funds as soon as the next business day after submitting their application. However, the timing may vary depending on the borrower’s bank and other factors.

What is the repayment term for loans from 27 Cash Com?

The repayment term for loans from 27 Cash Com is typically two weeks to one month, depending on the borrower’s agreement with the lender.

Does 27 Cash Com offer extensions or refinancing options for loans?

Yes, borrowers may be eligible for an extension or refinancing option if they are unable to repay their loan on time. However, additional fees and interest may apply.

How secure is my personal information with 27 Cash Com?

27 Cash Com uses encryption technology to protect borrowers’ personal and financial information. The lender also adheres to strict privacy policies and regulations to ensure the security of their customers’ data.

What are the customer reviews for 27 Cash Com?

Customer reviews for 27 Cash Com vary, with some praising the lender’s fast and easy application process, while others criticize its high interest rates and fees. It is important for borrowers to carefully review and compare their options before choosing a lender.

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